“Sing with Me” by Shawn & Shelby – Spontaneously Combustible Sessions #3.2

Videography by Beth McFarland, and Quinn Morgan of Deaf Sound Production. Video editing & audio engineering by Michael McFarland.

Presented by Spontaneously Combustible Studio & Permanently Geek

Spontaneously Combustible Sessions is a series featuring live performances at Spontaneously Combustible Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Our goal is to capture unique, exciting performances in an intimate studio setting.


Looking down, my heart of nothing
There’s a whole where your presence was
Lines in my eyes, growing old
Hoping someone will guide me home

Laugh while we’re dancing, hold on tight
Grab your waist, and we’ll sing through the night
It’s all for you, live like we’re dying
Light as air, shine like diamonds

oh…sing with me

Light it up, stars are candles
Singing low like their all a crowd
How ya doing, where’d I go wrong
Can’s help thinking, are you still so strong…

oh, sing with me

I know now, time’s are changing
some may leave, some may stay
you were something, like no other
remember me, when we’re older

oh…sing with me