To celebrate X-Men: Apocalypse, the PiSi crew take on their second SEGA Genesis game, X-Men. Featuring smashing by Gambit, IceMan, Magneto, Storm and Wolverine!!!

Play It/Smash It, a show where we play shitty retro games and smash them — all for the glory of catharsis!

DISCLAIMER: All smashing was performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment. Games smashed on Play It/Smash It have been donated or previously owned, with the intention of being smashed, or were already broken. Smashing zones have been thoroughly cleaned after smashing. We at Permanently Geek do not condone smashing fully-functioning, quality games, especially collector’s items. Please respect these relics of video game history. While copies of each game were obtained for this show, gameplay has been computer emulated and digitally enhanced in high definition in order to ensure a unique, high quality experience for our viewers.