Trance Tracks are part of Permanently Geek’s Music Collective. Each track has been uniquely slowed down, manipulated & remixed from popular film, TV and game scores. This method of “stretching the track” allows music lovers to live inside their favorite songs.

In this episode, we slowed down one of our very favorite pieces of music from the entire Star Wars series: The Dark Side Beckons (aka The Final Duel).

From the author of this piece: This selection of music is near to my heart. It is the very reason I love film scores. No joke. My obsession with this track has lasted decades. I remember listening to it over and over on my VHS of Return of the Jedi. I practically wore the scene out. The track, in pure form (no sound effects) however, remained rather elusive for many years. For some unknown reason, The Dark Side Beckons went unreleased until well after the films had come and gone (it was included as “The Final Duel” in an anthology box set I still own to this day). I don’t know why soundtrack producers have treated the music this way. This composition served as the final battle cry of Luke Skywalker as he descended into the Dark Side to save his father. It’s like leaving a chapter of the film’s musical journey blank. And even now, the track is not available to purchase separately, and it’s crammed into a medley of three other pieces of music (it is currently found within Battle of Endor II on the official soundtrack). Slowing The Dark Side Beckons by more than 400% reveals so much depth in Williams’ music, adding horror and beauty to the spirit of this haunting track. Now, fans can relish a little longer in the cathedral this song builds, and forever contemplate the seductive nature of the Dark Side. Enjoy!